Wild Fire Eyes Colored Contacts

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Our Price: $39.95 Per Pair

Life time of lenses is one year after opening with proper care and cleaning.

The main approach behind the introduction of this sensational and innovative wild fire design was to simply force out the crazy side of an individual’s being. What’s wrong in being called wild and crazy when the whole word sees you as unique and notices you in a way it never did before. The lens is manufactured from superior quality materials which make it soft and very easy to use. A stranger, of course, cannot help his eyes moving towards your direction but so can’t the ones of your friends and gathering; you can freak them out easily when wearing them for parties, school events, social happenings and other occasions.

Yellow Red Burn Out Colored Contacts

Wild fire eyes create a magical appearance of you in the watcher’s mind because of their unique look. Everything about your facial appearance including your hairstyle and makeup will look ravishing due to the radiant eyes that you have taken a go at. Have a friend capture some pictures of you with friends and colleagues and you will see how your presence was honored as if a celebrity was in between them.

Never ending conspicuous effects can be quite addictive once you start playing with your look every once in a while and people are stunned by how gorgeous you look and you can’t help but smile at their helplessness to appreciate your vivacity. The features are extensive and the price is too low – the choice is yours!


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